CellMed Regenerative Medicine

Dr. J. Brandon Brock,

12870 Hillcrest Plaza Dr., Suite H103
Dallas, TX 75230



About Dr. J. Brandon Brock

Get back to doing the things you love faster without surgery. CellMed Regenerative Medicine is a multi-disciplinarian team with a mission to improve orthopedic conditions and restore function of the limbs and spine with regenerative techniques. This includes medication, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle for a comprehensive restorative program.

Background and Current Activities

Dr. Brandon Brock is a practitioner in Dallas, Texas who holds a Doctorate in Family Nursing Practice from Duke University, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He has a Diplomate in Functional Neurology, Nutrition, Conventional Medicine, and Integrated Medicine as well. He holds Fellowship status in Childhood Disorders, Neurology, Electro-diagnostic Medicine, and Neurochemistry, and is a Global Clinical Research Scholar from Harvard Medical School.

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