Stem cell therapy can help you take control of your health!

Stem Cell Physicians Network is a service designed by Dr. Joseph Christiano to help connect you to qualified doctors that offer stem cell therapy.

Repair Damaged Cells

Stem cells help repair, replace and rejuvenate degenerative joints or damaged tissue, ligament or nerves.

Relieve Pain

Stem cells can help repair and regenerate the part of the body that affected while helping to relieve pain.

Reverse Inflammation

Stem cell therapy triggers the healing process in the body to decrease inflammation & repair soft tissue.

Why you should use Stem Cell Physicians Network

Find reputable doctors in your area

The doctors that are listed are partners with Stem Cell Physicians Network and can be trusted.

Find all the information about what a doctor offers in one place.

Our directory will give you the bio about the doctor, what stem cell therapy services they provide, and how to contact them.

We are continuously adding more doctors

We will be consistently adding new doctors to our directory, so that you can find one that fits your needs, in a location suited to.

How Stem Cell Physicians Network Works

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1 - Get started in less than 30 seconds

It will only take a few seconds to get started.  Simply click the “Get Started Now” button to enter your name, email & zipcode – that’s it!

2 - Browse the directory for a provider

Browse the directory to find the stem cell therapy providers that meets yours needs.

3 - Call or visit the provider's website

Once you find a preferred provider, use their contact information to schedule your consultation.

Stem Cell Physicians Network for Your Practice

Are you a provider interested in reaching new patients?

  • Increase your exposure & visibility.
  • Get in front of an audience that is interested in learning more about what stem cell therapy can provide.
  • Allow potential patients that are already interested in Stem Cell therapies to contact you from your top-notch directory listing.
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