Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Every human being has stem cells. Stem cells are our body’s remodeling and repair crew. Adult stem cells that are the most popular in application and research in association with tissue repair are the mesenchymal stem cells. Stem cells are found in the bone marrow, blood, and adipose tissue or body fat. The greatest amount of stem cells, by the millions, are found in adipose or fat tissue. These cells go to areas in your body like the joints, meniscus tissue, ligaments, tendons, and rotator cuff where blood and oxygen flow is limited or nonexistent—areas of hypoxia or low oxygencontent. These areas do not heal on their own because the body cannot get enough repair cells to the injured area. Once injected into your body, these stem cells begin their repairing and rebuilding the damaged area(s). Because stem cells are unspecialized, they can grow new bone tissue, cartilage, organs, nerves, new breasts for a cancer reconstruction patient, and even damaged or torn muscle tissue.

Adult stem cell treatments are valid and efficacious; many top professional sports athletes use stem cell treatments to rebuild and repair the injured areas of their joints so they can get back to their sport in record time. Yes, stem cell treatment is the wave of the 21st century!

Adult stem cells not only rejuvenate tissue, they can reconstruct various types of injuries and defects. Stem cell injections, or platelet injections, grow into and even multiply cartilage tissue in the joints, saving a patient from unnecessary types of medical surgical procedures like knee or hip replacements. There was the time when a bone-on-bone joint condition was next to a death sentence of the joint. Now that same joint can be rejuvenated with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cells and actually have new cartilage growth providing the protection between the bones it once had when healthy.

The beauty is that this procedure is all natural with no ill side effects, no dangerous additives or chemicals or medications; therefore no toxicity in the body, just the individual’s own blood and components. Because all individual cases are different, results will vary; but it usually takes two to three months for the repair process to take place, but noticeable improvement can be experienced well before that. Imagine being an out-patient, having a mini liposuction of the tummy, a blood draw, having your own stem cells extracted from the fat or adipose tissue and blood, go through it’s proper treatment so it can be injected into your damaged knee, hip, shoulder, neck, spine, wherever—all within a few hours, and then being sent home the same day. This procedure is by far the most effective restorative therapy today—it is the wave of the future for restoring health.

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